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5 years ago.

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Five years ago, in September 2012, I started booking my first pregnancy shoots in my tiny living room in Brooklyn. At that time I didn’t know where this journey would take me, but I knew exactly how I wanted to capture these portraits.
This photograph was taken five years ago. And yes, the lighting could have been softer, the pose could have been more perfect, and the background could have been more even… I can find so many things that I would do differently now. However, I still love it! I feel that there is still no other way I would have captured this moment. This is the way in which I still see pregnancy, and I embrace my early work because it was built upon who I was at the very beginning of my journey – my feelings, my world, and my vision.

I am often asked what’s the key to finding your own signature style. My answer is to stay true to yourself. Build your body of work based on who You are and what You love. Stop comparing your work to others… Stop following “trends”.. Go against the grain, and don’t be afraid of being different. own what You do… be proud of it… embrace it and invite others to celebrate your uniqueness.  With this as your mantra, you Will realize your dreams.

Timeless nude b&w maternity portrait. NYC premier maternity photography studio. 

Timeless Nude Maternity Photography in NYC

I found the photo of my little Brooklyn living room where it all started in 2012. It warms my heart to look at it. With minimum resources, tight space, cheap lights, and big dreams, I made it all work. 🙂

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  1. Klara says:

    Wow! So inspiring to read about your journey! Thank you for sharing your story and your progress!

  2. Vicky says:

    Your story is just amazing. You deserve every bit of success you have.
    Hope to see you in London in September! x

  3. Melanie A says:

    You took my maternity photos in Aug 2013, I had no idea you were relatively new to it—I simply loved your style from the moment I saw it. You were so kind and thoughtful, and even gave me a lift back to the subway. I’m not amazed at how far you’ve risen because clearly you had the talent all along. I am, however, extremely happy for you because you deserve it. One of my gorgeous Lola Melani maternity pictures is right above me as I type this. So many thanks and good wishes to you!

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