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Acclaimed celebrity photographer, Lola Melani, is known for her elegant and intimate portraits, which have been featured in the media worldwide. With a unique flair for blending editorial, fashion, and fine art, Lola's signature touch has even graced the lives of influential figures and A-list celebrities. Specializing in maternity, motherhood, family, and beauty photography, Lola's inspiring journey from immigrant to world-renowned artist is truly empowering. 
In 2018, she launched the Lola Melani Academy that focuses on mentoring fellow photographers on how to find their own style and take their art form and businesses to the next level.

— Alexandra W.

My photographs are a WORK OF ART and couldn't be more perfect


— Shana

Never in a million years have I looked so BEAUTIFUL  and so STRONG


— Chris P.

I cannot wait for my baby to get older so we can show her how HAPPY, GLOWING, and HONORED her mother was to be her vessel of life


— Michelle I.

Your amazing photographs have helped redefine how I look back on the changes my body made during this time as beautiful and timeless


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Indulge in a lavish and bespoke photoshoot journey, crafted just for you. From creating the perfect poses to selecting your wardrobe and defining your unique style, we'll dive deep into your vision and ensure it comes to life brilliantly!

We provide a fabulous, fully-stocked wardrobe for your maternity portraits, ensuring unforgettable, stunning images!

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Customized photoshoot with Lola

M&H styling

High-end portrait retouching 

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Our packages cover everything that goes into creating a beautiful and relaxing photography experience for you.

Contact us to explore a luxurious journey of custom styling and photography that truly embraces life's special moments! 

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Are you looking for a unique and memorable way to commemorate your pregnancy or celebrate your family? Whether you choose to have your portraits taken on a beautiful beach or in the privacy of your home, these sessions are sure to capture the magic of your special time.



Check out Lola's in-person workshops that aim to help you build a beautiful portfolio and take your business to the next level



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