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Timeless Pregnancy Portraits (Miami maternity photography)

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I am drawn to photography that is simple and moving, raw and emotional. Over the years nude photography has become a way of expressing my creativity. It also reflects my desire to give something more original, more personal to the world.
For me personally, it’s easier and more exciting to work with subjects who have nothing to rely on when posing for me – no dress, no props, no decorations. Taking away all these elements yet making them look so beautiful, connecting with my subjects on a very personal level – this is what I am going for and this what makes the photo so powerful, I think.

Here is a beautiful mommy to be embracing her pregnancy curves. She flew in from New Orleans to have her portraits taken and we had an amazing time creating this special experience for her.

Fine-art pregnancy photography in NYC, celebrity photographer Lola Melani

Stunning nude maternity portraits in NYC. Lola Melani Photography 

b&w nude maternity portraits by Lola Melani - NYC celebrity maternity and newborn artist

Fine-art maternity portraits created by Lola Melani at her NYC studio

Fine-art maternity portraits created by Lola Melani at her NYC studio

NYC Maternity Photography Studio

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  1. Dominusfecit says:

    Stunning. Why would this woman ever wear clothes?

  2. Rafael says:

    Congratulations Lola!
    Being myself a photographer, I’m inspired by your work everyday.
    Thanks for sharing your talent and your art.

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