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Announcing my first NYC maternity photography workshop

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Learn from Lola Melani - a NYC maternity and newborn photographer

I have a secret . . .

. . . There’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time now.

It involves you and 9 other photographers coming to my studio in NYC for a two-day intensive workshop on mastering the art of maternity photography.

I’ll warn you, this isn’t for everyone. This is for artists who are serious about making a huge impact in their lives and the lives of others by mastering their craft.

As you probably know, Lola Melani Photography (specializing in maternity and newborns) is my life’s work. I feel incredibly blessed to work with some amazing women during very intimate times of their life, and I can see that I’ve been able to enhance their lives through our photo shoot. Now, I’m ready to impact the lives of a handful of photographers who I believe could benefit from my tutelage.

The fact that there has been such a demand for my mentorship is humbling.  I’m so honored.

Great photographers are a special breed.  They know they have something special inside them and they know they have a unique voice. They recognize beauty.  They recognize quality and, they refuse to settle. They refuse to be mediocre. They refuse to be anything less than their absolute best.

For several years, I’ve been racking my brain to think of something I could do for this very special group of people (in other words, you).

I believe I have come up with the perfect answer.

I decided to create an exclusive workshop. A two-day immersive and intensive experience for photographers who exemplify passion, those who are the most dedicated and serious about their art and business.

There’s absolutely nothing like what you will experience in this two-day event.


This two-day workshop begins with a presentation demonstrating my simplistic style in capturing a pregnant form. During this intimate and connective workshop, you will learn how to see the light and use simple studio setups to create stunning images. Additionally, you will gain the skills needed to maximize each set up with different angles and poses and achieve a variety of images your clients will love. This workshop is definitely an interactive one. I will available to answer any questions during our time together. You will be given ample opportunity to shoot alongside me and apply the concepts learned throughout the course. You will leave that day with not only newly acquired techniques but also create new images for your portfolio. The second day will start with an overview of the day before, followed by my editing workflow. I will also share my business model, pricing, and marketing strategies, as well as SEO and social media tactics, which have gotten me #1 on the first page of Google. This two-day workshop is not just the ultimate learning experience –  it’s a great way to network and be around other like-minded creatives.

As a member, of this new tribe, you’ll have much more direct access to me. But that’s not all. You’ll also have access to some other pretty amazing people.

I will be leading the workshop and passing on every bit of knowledge I’ve gained over the years, but I’m also bringing in the team that helped me get here!  They will help guide you on ways to build your brand and your business and the mindset you need to succeed.

And that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface.

Your passion and devotion to your growth are very important to me and I am as committed to your goals as you are.

So if you think this is something you want to be part of I invite you to apply now. Space is very limited.

Click here for our recent Workshop Schedule

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  1. Laura Gottschall says:

    I would love to model these photo shoots. How can I talk to someone?

    Laura Gottschall

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